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Steve Jobs introduces the iphone 5 with alien tech, digital scents, Apple, UFO sighting news.

This would also explain why the iphone 5 was delayed till September of 2011. It’s just too complex of technology.

Below is close up of iphone charging shoes.

This video of Steve Jobs has been circulating Asia for a few days. It appears to be real, yet has clearly been edited in one or two places and his voice seems authentic, yet slightly different due to the echo of the auditorium. Also if this video is not real, why does it keep getting deleted of Asian sites after being posted?

If this video is real and I estimate a 30-40% chance of it, then Steve Jobs is introducing an iphone 5 that needs no recharging of its battery and has digital scent technology. It is my belief that the shoes he puts on may help the iphone 5 recharge itself, by walking motion and that is why he wanted to put them on during this time. He seemed impressed with how light they were (which means he never wore them before.).

On the screen behind Steve Jobs is a screen that shows both the iphone 4 and the iphone 5 side views. The screen behind him says “0.24 Pounds” above the iphone 5, where as above the iphone 4 it says “0.3 Pounds.” The weight of the iphone 4 is correct…at 4.8 ounces or 0.3 Pounds. A few days ago I read rumors that the iphone 5 may be as thin as the itouch 4, and that looks to be true if this video is legit.

For Steve Jobs to introduce such an iphone years ahead of its time, there can be only one explanation. The US government is using Apple to introduce alien technology into the mainstream. The US government has done this many times before with many other companies. Often times after such an introduction, the company shoots up, like Apple Computer becoming the new #1 in the world, or the US government placing an order in 2011 of 80% Apple computers.

Take a look at this video and decide what you will. I include a few screenshots incase they delete this video too.

A third possibility exists if the person is an actor to stand in for Steve Jobs while they prepare for the real presentation.

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